Piano in a Whore House

Like Dark Chocolate and Lemon Zest.

satyabear replied to your post “between you and melissa my entire dash is cats and that’s just what i needed tonight thank you so much”


Just go creep on brad’s tumblr.  That’s where I got ALL OF THEM. 

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Posted on 16 March, 2014

satyabear replied to your photo “I love holiday season #navaratri #gollu”

this makes me so homesick and I miss you <3

I miss you too <3

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Posted on 9 October, 2013

what chem are you doing?

Basic chem 102. BUT IT’S BEEN SO LONG. Legitimately worried that I won’t pass the placement test on the first day (Even though I know I will)

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Posted on 30 August, 2013


I’m bad at this whole Tumblr thing. A few people apparently responded to my post about me starting a new job. So here are some answers:

@phampants: YES. I now work with a youth orchestra.  Text me and I’ll give you a full story!

@satyabear: THANK YOU MY DARLING. Miss your face. Let’s chat soon. 

@fictionrow: TOTALLY MISSED THIS. Call me Friday evening? 

@we-are-not-ok: yes. I love it. It’s pretty much the perfect job for me. 

satyabear replied to your photo: Fresh okra from Dad’s garden. #nom (Taken with…

jealous, we’ve never been able to get our okra to grow :/

You should come over when you’re home.  We’ll make a feast out of things from the garden.  Also mum and dad miss you.

….I guess I miss you too. 

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Posted on 24 July, 2012

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